STUART REVERCOMB: O.K. America, Enough Is Enough

Stuart Revercomb

“FIRE!! The building is on fire – run for your lives!!!”

Only it’s not – at least not yet.

In fact, the only thing actually burning is that part of the brain that monitors logic, wisdom and the ability to remain rational.

– You are one of 330 MILLION Americans.

– As of Thursday March 19th there are 11,238 TOTAL cases.

– 154 people have died. (2 in Virginia.) AVERAGE age: 75.

– There are 1.386 BILLION (999,999,999 people + another 396 million +1) in China where the virus originated. (Yes – they outnumber us by that much.)

– There are 81,155 documented cases of the virus there.

– 3249 people have died there over a 4 month period.

– 70,535 people there are documented as fully recovered.

– The CDC predicts 36,000,000 – 51,000,000 FLU illnesses in 2020.

– The CDC predicts between 22,000 – 55,000 FLU DEATHS in 2020.

So why are we collectively going off like a well fueled rocket without a fin??

– A click thru / ad revenue driven media that can’t scream “FIRE!!” loud enough.

– A social media infrastructure that takes the above media and HYPER-inflates it.

– A “CYA” mentality by so called “leaders” that in reality follow the lemming just ahead.

– A predisposition of many human beings to emotionally over-react in the face of perceived danger.

– A predisposition of others to wisely cover the minimum required, “just in case.”

So – what to do?

– Wash your hands.

– Avoid highly crowded public places.

– Trust that given the length and breadth of history that God has this too.

– And if it turns out more for the worse than best for you – he’s got that as well.

We can do this America.


– Stuart Revercomb

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