Cabinetry With TLC Gives Personal Touch

by Beverly Amsler

(L-R) Ben Burch, Terri Langford, and Bob Brumfield stand in one of the model kitchens at their design center.

Home construction businesses were hit hard during the recession that began in 2007, and instead of building, many people are staying put and remodeling their home.  That’s where “Cabinetry with TLC” comes in.  The Roanoke business is owned by Terri Langford and Mike Reinschmidt who have put together a business built on the remodeling they love doing, along with a total focus on designing projects their clients will enjoy for years to come.

“Once the project is completed,” Langford says “we want you to love what we’ve accomplished.” She adds, “We’ve got to get it right the first time.”

Due to the recession Langford says, “We now see a lot of remodeling because people have decided, ‘Hey, I’m going to stay here longer than I thought I was and I need my home to work for me.’”

Reinschmidt, who has 33 years of experience, moved to the Star City from Mississippi a decade ago; Langford is a Roanoke County native with 24 years experience. She previously worked with Cave Spring Rescue, and if her name sounds familiar, she is a former PTA president and Booster Club president.  She says taking care of people is important to her.  “I guess it’s more than just a job for me.  I’m in your home and I want you to feel good about [the project] five years from now.”

A dog and cat wander freely around the showroom; there is a fully functional kitchen filled with lots of snacks and “K-cups” waiting to be brewed, making the office feel a lot like home.  “We wanted something really laid back, no high pressure … [a place] to tell you the pros and cons of cabinets and the pros and cons of different countertop materials,” to weigh the options carefully. Many of their vendors have commented how much they love stopping by the comfy showroom.

Langford and Reinschmidt started the company in January 2005. Langford says, “We both had been in the business for awhile and we just sort of wanted to provide a different experience from what we had been [doing] for other people.  We wanted to educate clients.”

She says remodels can be small or large projects and with the size of the project comes the size of the budget.  “We provide the tools and the information so that you’re making smart decisions with your money, especially in this economy.”  Langford wants customers to say, ‘I want that ‘wow’ look; I just don’t want the ‘wow’ impact on my wallet’.”

Part of that “wow” look comes from a 3-D design of the planned renovation.  Technology has changed what they do “tremendously,” according to Langford.  They used to hand-draw the plans, but now they’re designed on a computer, which allows the customer to  look at the proposed changes from various angles, including an amusing “pet view” which looks up from about 18 inches from the floor.  “We can open doors so you can see the clearance of something, and it just really gives you a sense of what you’re getting.”

“This is what we do every single day.” She says unlike the big box stores, where employees may work in several departments, the staff at Cabinetry with TLC specializes in kitchens and bathrooms, and they can often find ways to keep the costs down even lower than those stores.

If a customer wants to do part of the work, such as tearing out the existing cabinet to save money, Langford says she and her staff will tell the homeowner how to do it, “so you can help as much or as little with the project as you want.”

Customers love that Langford also gives free design tips including paint color selection and home décor. She has one customer who called and wanted her to approve a bedspread she had picked out before she would buy it.

People find it hard to believe that they will give clients free room designs. “If your house is on the market, it might help the seller negotiate a sale and the buyer may come to us later for the renovation.”

The free design policy is easier to understand after meeting Langford; she loves what she is doing and says “I believe it [the good will] comes back to you—and it sparks the imagination of what can be done.”

Cabinetry with TLC is located at 4325 Old Cave Spring Road; phone 540-777-0456. Visit their website at

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