Roanoke Has Its Own “Escape Room”

Roanoke dignitaries and Deciphered Roanoke staff cut the ribbon on Roanoke’s first “Escape Room.”

A favorite of the Millennials crowd, downtown Roanoke now features its very own Escape Room, one of what the owner says is about now 15,000 nationwide.

In an escape room, small groups are given a series of clues they need to figure out in order to be released from the room they are “locked into” (no physical lock involved).  They are also timed on how long it takes them to get out of the escape room, so multiple groups can actually compete against each other.

At the recent ribbon cutting for Deciphered Roanoke at 15 South Jefferson Street, company president Benjamin Shaw called escape rooms “a physical adventure game for 4 to 6 players.”

At Deciphered Roanoke, each team is also given a walkie-talkie they can use to contact people outside the room for two hints. “They are forced to work collaboratively to solve puzzles, put clues together and eventually break their way out of the room by completing all of the objectives.”

Shaw calls escape rooms a “great experience” for families, groups of friends, corporate teams and others who want to try something different. Deciphered Roanoke will also offer party packages and provide catering. There are two themed rooms at Shaw’s escape room, each with its own narrative and objectives.

One of the opening themes is “A Few Morsels,” which he describes as having a post-apocalyptic feel; the other is “Our Last Breath,” where you are solving for an oxygen leak in a space station.

See to make a reservation; expect to spend $20 per person with discounts for groups and parties. “We think it will do really well here,” said Shaw about the escape room concept. “We’ve gotten really good feedback so far. We [also] think it’s going to be a great addition to the city.”

By Gene Marrano