Today’s Lack of Communication and Loneliness

Did you know recent studies have found that texting and social media can attribute to loneliness according to Forbes magazine? People who use social media and texting more than anyone, those who are under 35, confess to being the most lonely.

The real person cannot be seen or heard through social media.  We all wear a certain disguise  while we are online or texting. Real life cannot be covered.  There is something about a hug, a handshake, or a smile that makes one feel special and let you know you are being heard.

It is not uncommon for young people to sit beside each other and not acknowledge one another except by texting. This reminds me of parallel play, much like I witnessed when I taught two year olds, who don’t communicate effectively with his/her peers.

In addition, miscommunications happen all the time by texting. The tone of the message can be completely misunderstood. People read into the text.

Texting and social media are here to stay, but at what cost. Loneliness leads to depression and isolation. Think before you text. Is it the best way to communicate or just the quickest?

Donna Willard


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