Letter – Rinker Right on Target


Dear Editor:

I must comment on the recent article in your newspaper by Dr. Bruce Rinker.   I have read a great deal about the so-called debate between supporters of evolution (science) and intelligent design (religion).   However, I don’t believe I have read as cogent, as reasonable and just plain sensible an article on the subject as the one you published by Dr. Rinker.   To find an eminent scientist who is also a man of religious faith and who can reconcile the two positions so well and with such reason and clarity, is very refreshing and does much to counteract the vitriol that so often obscures the arguments on either side.

Kudos to you for publishing such excellent writing and please, please, please, keep Dr. Rinker’s articles coming for all of us who eagerly look forward to them.

– Sincerely, Terry Eckstein