Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Recognizes First Responders

The Kiwanis Club held a special awards program for recognizing outstanding Roanoke City and Roanoke County first responders on Wednesday, April 10 at Charter Hall.

Police and Fire & Rescue departments in the City and County of Roanoke nominated outstanding members of their respective departments. Each recipient was awarded with a Recognition Certificate and $50 donation to the recipient’s preferred charity in the recipient’s honor.

The Kiwanis Club believes it is important to set a positive example for the community by hosting the First Responders awards program. And it’s important that local first responders receive recognition from the very people they serve and protect.

Roanoke Fire-EMS Firefighter/Paramedic Daniel Driver was recognized for going above and beyond while off duty. Driver was on his way to Firestation 5 to report for his shift when he smelled and saw smoke while driving on Patterson Avenue. While investigating the source of the smoke, he discovered a house on fire on Rorer Avenue. Driver called 911 and when a neighbor told him someone was in the house he immediately punched out a window to enter the house. He located an elderly resident and escorted the man and his dog from the house. He returned to the house to check for more occupants and then secured the upstairs to contain the fire. Driver then assistant the responding firefighters – and was still able to report to work on time!

Roanoke County Firefighter/EMS Crew of Captain Brandon King, Lieutenant John Ferron and Firefighter/EMT Jacob Dodson were recognized for saving a resident from drowning during flash flooding. The crew was dispatched to McVitty Road where they found a man in rushing water and struggling to keep his head above the water. Captain King made contact with the man to determine if he was pinned against the debris in the water. The man’s feet were stuck in the mud and he was not able to move. The crew got rescue ropes to the man and were able to guide him to the edge of the creek. Every step was a struggle for him

because the water was so powerful and his feet were sinking into the mud. The man sustained no injuries and was assisted to his vehicle. He later contacted the office to thank the firefighter for rescuing him. He was working outside in during the flooding when he was swept away in the rushing water was apologetic that his actions risked the lives of the firefighters.

Roanoke County Police Officer II Kevin Cahoon received a First Responders Award for investigating four routine traffic stops all in one month into drug arrests. The routine stops involved excessive window tinting, broken brake lights, and mismatched license plates. Cahoon’s work helped remove methamphetamine, marijuana, and heroin off the streets. With these four stops he also recovered an illegal firearm, arrested an individual with a prior warrant, and arrested two individuals driving on suspended licenses. Officer Cahoon was unable to accept his award in person.

Roanoke Police Officer Tim Donathan received a First Responders Award for responding quickly and calmly, after being dispatched to an attempted suicide. The individual planned to jump off from a building, after a lengthy stand-off, Officer Donathan was able to talk the man into coming back over the wall onto the roof. In his conversation with the subject, he was able to convince him to get mental health treatment at a local hospital.


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