Faulty Federal Fraudulent Fortitude

Dick Baynton
Dick Baynton

The Little Sisters of The Poor Government are going to have their day at the Supreme Court. The case is about the distribution of contraceptives by an organized group of determined ladies called ‘Nuns’ by the Roman Catholic Church and the World at-large.

These dedicated ladies have been ordered by the President of the United States to pay homage to our political god called Barack Hussein Obama to violate certain tenets of their sacred commitment of faith. These Nuns have dedicated their lives to obeying the doctrine of the Catholic Church and presumably the laws of man known as government politicians, legislators and officials.

It seems that any administration that has found loopholes in immigration law, employment law and laws on crime and drugs could help these uniformly coiffed and attired humble women realize their dream of freedom of religion. Could the answer be that this religious group is non-Muslim?

Mr. Obama has taken on a religious group that has little political power and probably has no desire to achieve any legislative prowess; they just want to be left alone in this turbulent world to do what they have pledged to do.

Only a few days ago, Mr. Obama called out Republicans (from Manila) by saying they are ‘scared of widows and orphans’ among the Syrian refugees. What kind of person would tell the world of his disdain for other US citizens (Republicans) and mount an assault on a Catholic Order of Nuns?

This President is the same person who claimed in 2010 that US citizens would save $2,500 per year under Obamacare. Currently, the costs of healthcare are skyrocketing and United Healthcare, the nation’s largest healthcare insurer said that they may abandon the healthcare law because they are sustaining losses of about $700 million on the exchange business this year with additional losses of $200 million forecast in 2016.

Even as rates increase by 7.5%, the risk pool is weighted toward seniors while many young healthy men and women are not signing up to subsidize less healthy elders.

People can sign up for coverage after diagnosis of serious illnesses and undergo expensive treatments then cancel coverage. While government hopes for 10 million sign-ups by the end of 2016, OMB had estimated that double that number (20 million) would sign up. United Health Group spent a reported $4.86 million for lobbyists to grease the skids of Obamacare passage. Administration officials and Democratic lawmakers say the law is working well; political prattle at its best (worst).

The following information is little known by taxpayers who also vote. Average (median) income is $56,000 in the US, 1% above incomes in 2009; the CPI (consumer price index) has increased 10.6% in six years. That means that PPP (personal purchasing power) has fallen almost 10%; you knew that, didn’t you.

What most of us didn’t know is average federal employees pull in $84,153 or 50% more than those of us in the private sector. It gets worse; factoring in pensions and healthcare, fed bureaucrats take home $119, 934; more than double the compensation of private sector workers. A 2011 study showed that federal workers are more likely to die on the job than to lose it; that’s job security.

Remember the Veteran’s Administration scandal of April 2014? The Phoenix, AZ Veteran’s Hospital was alleged to have allowed 40 veterans to “expire” while awaiting treatment. The investigation found failures at many VA facilities across the country. Care for 120,000 was delayed or never provided.

Claims paid by the VA for wrongful death amounted to $200 million. Retired General Eric Shinseki resigned as Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and Robert McDonald, a former corporate executive was appointed Secretary. The top 470 executives at the VA received citations in 2014 for successful operations over the previous four years. This past year the VA handed out bonuses of $142 million for mediocrity cloaked as high performance.

A study conducted in 2011 estimated that federal government wastes about 51? of every dollar spent or more than $1 trillion annually; regulatory burdens cost an estimated $1.88 trillion annually.

Our President says Republicans are his greatest enemy. It is becoming clear that our nation is losing its eminence by political subterfuge and spurious rhetoric.

Dick Baynton