France and the USA

Dennis Garvin
Dennis Garvin

While in the Air Force, I was stationed with the 494th tactical fighter squadron in RAF Lakenheath, England.  This was part of the 48th Wing, known as the ‘Statue of Liberty’ Wing.  It was formed in the 1950’s and stationed in France; thus, the name.  The relationship between NATO and France’s president, DeGaulle, deteriorated to the point where, in 1960, France expelled all NATO units from France.  It was a brilliant political move: France gets rid of all visual proof of its impotent failure to protect itself, while having the NATO umbrella still protecting it.  We ended up in England, the ‘Statue of Liberty’ wing, no longer wanted in France; still with the duty to fly over France on the way to East Germany in the event of the Cold War catching fire.   Flying over France to protect Western Europe, of which France was a part.

{As a historical side note, it was from my former Base that the fighters flew to bomb the hell out of Libya and effectively end the despotism of Khaddafi.  France, at that time, had refused us the right to fly over their country (multiple self-ennobling reasons were given, but I suspect the truth was fear of Arab reprisal, mixed with the usual French tendency to refuse any reasonable request).  Our planes had to fly wide around the Iberian Peninsula and we lost one of them.}

So let me recap France’s glorious last century:

  1. August 1914- Germany invades France. Most of WWI’s battlefields were on French turf.  It took the addition of American soldiers to the Anglo-French alliance to expel the invaders.
  2. May 1940- Germany invades France, which falls in record time. In 1944, the predominantly Anglo-American Normandy invasion clears the Nazis from France in even less time than it took for the French to surrender it.

Now the French have actually capitulated by assisting, and inviting, an invasion by degrees.  They wear no uniforms and have violated neither treaty nor border.  They have come from Islamic former French colonies.  They have taken over slums and overburdened the French socialist welfare system.  They are reproducing at a rate 4 times that of the average French family (as in Italy, it is only a matter of time before these immigrants become the majority in France.   To paraphrase PLO founder, Yasser Arafat, the worldwide war for Islamic control is being won through the wombs of the Islamic women.)

The French permitted Sharia (Islamic) law to prevail in Islamic neighborhoods.  A similar effort has been proposed in England (with a degree support from the Archbishop of Canterbury).  No doubt the same effort will be proposed by the Islamists in Detroit, just as soon as they reach critical mass.  Among other things, this denies French law enforcement the right to search these neighborhoods for the perpetrators of the recent terrorist attacks.

Thus the terrorists have their own Islamic ‘Vatican City’ sanctuary where they hide after they murder innocent French citizens (the ones who pay the taxes to support the immigrants).  Look at the history of Lebanon and you will find the blueprint for this phenomenon.  Ironically, Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was once known as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’: a place of culture, refinement, academics, sophistication and tolerance.  The Paris of France promises soon to become the same war torn garbage dump as the Paris of the Mideast.

In the two previous conquests, France heard the tramp of American combat boots, the song  ‘The Yanks are coming’ and shortly afterward enjoyed their deliverance from oppression.  This will not occur again, for two primary reasons:

1.) The French invited these conquerors.

2.) Our White House has evinced ambivalence regarding a jihad.

– Dennis Garvin