About Us

Should “news” really be defined as the worst things that happen on any given day?

Our Mission

– to lift up that which is right and real and genuine about our community – the people and events that make us who we are – the real spirit of Roanoke that past and present residents and leaders have worked so hard to create, that points us towards the bright future we all desire for our valley.

– to guard the truth, with consistent and complete coverage of key local issues that provides balanced reporting and equal editorial opportunity. To fully tell all sides of a story so that readers can make their own informed opinions and express them to positively impact our community.

– to go beyond what the written word can say to help our readers discover something more of themselves and some of the answers to the greater questions we all encounter. To feature a variety of perspectives by columnists and writers from all walks of life that inspire and open hearts and minds to new possibilities.

Our pledge is that we shall faithfully seek to accomplish all of the above for our readers week in and week out. Sometimes we will get it all right, and sometimes  – well, perhaps not so much – but we will never stop striving to improve and perfect our offering. Thank you for your support and trust as we give our very best in serving you!


–        Stuart Revercomb – Publisher