VBR Star “2006” Boys Win 2022 VA State Cup – Headed to US Club Soccer Nationals

The VBR Star 2006 Boys team traveled to Richmond, Virginia to participate in the US Club Soccer VA State Cup. After winning on Saturday against VA Reign, they took on Beach FC. On a cold fall day at Howison Park, the team from Roanoke aimed to bring home not just a trophy but the title of The Best 2006 boys Team in the state of Virginia. The stage was set…

The quest to be the best team in the state of Virginia started back in September. On a familiar pitch at Kroger Soccer Park in Roanoke, the 06 Boys took on … Mclean – a team from Northern Virginia. Every Mclean team comes with a pedigree of producing some of the best talent in the state. However, the team from Roanoke apparently did not get the memo, as they thrashed Mclean 6-0. This was the perfect start to the tournament, as only one other team in the competition scored as many goals in the first round.

It put the state of Virginia on notice, VBR Star was the team to beat.

The next round had the 2006 Boys travel to the other side of the state. They took the long trip to Virginia Beach to take on Virginia Rush. The Rush 06 side had already beat Vienna Youth Soccer Association in the first round 3-1 at home. With drawing two State Cup games at their home field, Rush had to have been thinking the luck of the draw was in their favor. But the Roanoke Boys were ready for the challenge. They came there to win, and the win was earned with a 3-1 victory to get them into the semifinals.

Going into the championship weekend the VBR Star 06 boys had the biggest goal differential and the most goals scored in the tournament. With a big bull’s eye on their back, they took on VA Reign in the quarterfinals on Saturday at Howison Field in Richmond.

VA Reign had beaten the 06 boys earlier in the season 4-2 and had to be feeling confident going into the game. They were also the regular season champions – edging out the Boys from Roanoke by one point during the regular season. But confidence turned into fool’s gold for the team from Williamsburg. VBR Star took the “reigns” in this game and dominated while cruising to a 3-1 win. A statement that not only told their parents to keep their hotel reservation in Richmond for the finals but showed the state of Virginia that VBR Star can compete with anyone.

The State Cup Final was scheduled for the next day setting the stage for an epic final. The opponent was another Virginia powerhouse team, Beach FC. Beach FC had a great run to the tournament but was not all that convincing in their wins. Low margin victories were the story of Beach FC all tournament long. A 4-2-win, 1-0 win, and a 2-1 win had carried them into the final.

The two teams had already met on the pitch in August for their first matchday of the regular season. That match ended in a 1-1 tie. A lot of anticipation surrounded their second meeting at the State Cup final as they took the field on Championship Sunday.

Star was up early in the match, scoring an indirect kick and converting a penalty to go up 2-0. They scored again to make it 3-0 in favor of the boys from the Roanoke Valley but Beach FC did not lose hope as they came out strong and added two goals to the scoreboard in the second half. But the Star boys hung tough and claimed the title as the Best 2006 Boys Team in the state of Virginia and celebrated as the US Club Soccer State Cup Champions.

The decisive State Cup win qualifies The Boys from Roanoke for the US Club Soccer National Championships summer in Denver, Colorado. We hope this team continues to make this VBR Star SC and the city of Roanoke proud!

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