Gov. Youngkin Donates Quarterly Salary To Petersburg Non-Profit

Governor Glenn and First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin (R) recently visited Pathways, a non-profit organization in Petersburg with a 25-year history of community development. While there, the governor made some remarks, chatted with some of the folks, and donated his quarterly salary to the non-profit. While the Christmas season is a special time for goodwill and charity, Youngkin’s gift was not a mere holiday gesture. Since his inauguration in January 2022, he has donated each quarterly installment of his gubernatorial salary to a different Commonwealth charity of his choice and has stated his intention to continue to do so for the remainder of his term.

Pathways provides vital services to residents from Petersburg and the surrounding region, including critical workforce development training, life skills coaching, youth mentoring, free tax preparation, and financial education to participants from disadvantaged backgrounds.

According to Pathways’ website: Our vision for the region and beyond is a community of spiritual richness that offers a quality of life for all to live, work, learn, shop and play.  We believe that Petersburg can become a viable commercial district with a strong housing market, good schools, safe streets, and public and recreational service for all.

Although rare, Gov. Youngkin is not the only public figure to demonstrate generosity in this way. Though seldom reported in the media, President Trump made a habit of donating all his presidential salary to charities and non-profits as well.

–Scott Dreyer

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