VA War Memorial Seeks Military Veterans To Interview For Film About October 1983 Events In Beirut And Grenada

If you are veteran who was serving on active duty in October 1983 and were personally involved in the bombing of the US Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon or the US invasion of the island of Grenada, the Virginia War Memorial wants to hear from you.

Both of these events occurred during the same week that year and the Memorial is seeking veterans or their family members who may have a connection to either or both events to interview for a new Virginians at War documentary film entitled, “One Week in October.”

Production of the new film will take place in the Spring and Summer of 2023 with a projected premiere date of October 2023, the 40th anniversary of both of these historic events.

“We want to include stories of those who served in either campaign, those who have an intimate knowledge of the events in Beirut or Grenada, and of course, those who may have lost a loved one in either event,” Dr. Clay Mountcastle, Virginia War Memorial Director said. “As with all of our Virginians at War films, our interviews will be with persons currently residing in Virginia. Interviews will be scheduled and conducted at the Memorial in Richmond.”

Those interested in participating to be interviewed for “One Week in October” are encouraged to contact Dr. Mountcastle by email at [email protected] or by calling the Memorial at 804.786.2060.

Over the past twenty years, the Virginia War Memorial has produced more than thirty films in its award-winning Virginians at War documentary series.  The films are shown daily in the Reynolds Theater at the Virginia War Memorial, are available for viewing on the Memorial’s website ( and are distributed for classroom use to middle and high schools throughout the Commonwealth.

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