Join Roanoke Forward To Free Star City From One-Party Rule

Nothing changes till something changes – that is why I formed the Roanoke Forward PAC to support Dalton Baugess, Nick Hagen, Maynard Keller and Peg McGuire in their quest to be elected on Nov 8th to Roanoke City Council and make the changes our beloved city so desperately needs.  The PAC meets twice a week to evaluate our progress and determine the best use of the money our donors have entrusted to us.  I meet every Friday with all the candidates to get an update on their activities and their input on various campaign needs. I then update them and other concerned Roanokers on our website and our weekly Email letter, (if you aren’t getting it please email [email protected]).  

Not only does the PAC raise money to support ALL four of the candidates, we have the “mop bucket” attitude promoted by the late Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s – we help wherever help is needed which includes putting up signs, hosting small neighborhood “meet and greets,” drafting walking maps, knocking on doors, etc., whatever it takes to get the job done. We saw the dire situation of our beloved city – rising crime, gangs, over-bloated budgets and lack of oversight by council of the City Manager – and realized it was now or never if we were ever going to change the direction of the city and release Roanoke from the a one-party rule which has dominated for decades.  

To move Roanoke forward, we need a majority on council so it is imperative that you vote for ALL the candidates.  They each bring a unique talent and all work well together; three of them are self-employed which allows tremendous flexibility in allocating the time needed to do serve the citizens.  I respectfully ask that you “keep your eye on the ball (the big picture). The bases are loaded – bring them all home.

Suzanne Osborne

President, Roanoke Forward PAC

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