The Blue Ridge Jamboree Presents “Doc Watson at 100:

FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge is thrilled to host the first ever Blue Ridge Jamboree at Jefferson Center on Nov. 5, 7 pm. This inaugural event presents Doc Watson at 100 Tribute Concert, featuring author and music scholar Dr. Ted Olson and music by T. Michael Coleman, Jack Lawrence, Wayne Henderson, and Jack Hinshelwood.
“Doc Watson at 100” celebrates the life and legacy of Doc Watson by those who performed with Doc, were profoundly influenced by his music, and called him a friend. This includes T. Michael Coleman and Jack Lawrence, who performed, recorded, and toured with Doc longer than any other musicians he worked with. Joining T. Michael and Jack are fellow guitarists Wayne Henderson and Jack Hinshelwood, who were both heavily impacted by Doc’s music through his many recordings and performances, and Wayne counted Doc as a close friend, especially in Doc’s later years when he enjoyed visiting Wayne in his guitar making shop in Rugby, Virginia.

A pre-concert VIP dinner and talk is available for a $50/ticket add-on. It will be led by host East Tennessee State University Appalachian Studies professor Ted Olson on the legacy of Doc Watson followed by stories shared by the artists who knew Doc as a friend and fellow performer. The audience will also be encouraged to share their stories of Doc and the impact he had on them.

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