Your Oral Hygiene Is More Important Than You Think – Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Most people know that oral hygiene is important. But what they may not know is the many ways in which poor oral hygiene can impact their lives. We’re not just talking about bad breath or yellow teeth. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to many serious health problems, and it can even have an impact on your self-esteem. So, to help you understand just how important oral hygiene is, we’ve put together a list of 6 reasons why you should make it a priority.

It Can Boost Your Self-esteem

A smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, you may not want to smile or laugh, making you appear unfriendly or even unapproachable. Correcting dental problems, such as crooked teeth or yellowing, can boost your self-esteem and give you the confidence to smile and laugh freely. You may even find dental insurance that covers implants if you end up going on that route. However, keep in mind that most insurance plans have a waiting period before they will cover implants, so it’s important to have a good plan.  In addition, if you’re in pain due to dental problems, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. Good oral hygiene can help you avoid these problems and feel good about yourself.

Oral Hygiene Prevents Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Tooth decay and gum disease are two of the most common dental problems, and they’re both caused by poor oral hygiene. When you don’t brush and floss regularly, plaque builds up on your teeth. This sticky film is made up of bacteria, food debris, and saliva. If it’s not removed, it turns into tartar, which is much harder to remove. Plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay and gum disease if they’re not removed. Tooth decay is the process by which the enamel of your teeth breaks down. This can happen when plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth and release acids that eat away at the enamel. Gum disease, on the other hand, is an infection of the gums that can cause them to pull away from the teeth, resulting in pockets – a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause further damage to the gums and teeth.

Oral Hygiene Helps Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, is often caused by poor oral hygiene. When you don’t brush and floss regularly, food particles and bacteria build up in your mouth, causing an unpleasant smell. This buildup can also cause gum disease, which can contribute to bad breath. In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, you can help prevent bad breath by using a tongue scraper to remove bacteria from your tongue. One of the most common causes of bad breath is morning breath. This is because your mouth is dry when you sleep, allowing bacteria to build up overnight. To help reduce morning breath, try brushing your teeth before bed and using a mouthwash.

It Can Save You Money

Good oral hygiene can save you money in the long run. This is because dental problems, like cavities and gum disease, can be expensive to treat. The average cost of a filling is $200, and the average cost of a crown is $1,500. And that’s not even taking into account the cost of more serious dental problems, like implants or dentures. These procedures can easily cost several thousand dollars. Some insurance providers even offer discounts on dental insurance if you have good oral hygiene. So, not only can good oral hygiene save you money on dental bills, but it can also save you money on your insurance premiums.

It Can Help You Avoid Pain and Discomfort

No one wants to experience dental pain. But if you don’t take care of your teeth, it’s almost inevitable that you will at some point. This is because dental problems, like cavities and gum disease, can be very painful. Untreated tooth decay can lead to an abscess, which is a pocket of pus that forms around the tooth. Abscesses are extremely painful and can even be life-threatening if they’re not treated promptly. Gum disease can also be painful, especially when it progresses to periodontitis, which is a more severe form of the disease. Periodontitis causes the gums to pull away from the teeth, resulting in pockets that become infected. This can cause inflammation and pain.

Oral Hygiene Can Help You Avoid Other Health Problems


While there are many reasons to take care of your teeth and gums, these are six of the most important. From saving money to boosting your self-esteem, good oral hygiene can have a significant impact on your life. So, be sure to brush and floss daily and see your dentist for regular checkups. Even if you don’t have any dental problems, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene habits to prevent them from developing. After all, it’s better to prevent problems than to have to treat them.

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