The SEO KPIs That Matter Most

American companies spend around $79 billion on SEO every year, which shows how essential it is for digital marketing. 

Many businesses fall into the trap of not measuring their KPIs, or key performance indicators, and waste their investment. But when you know which KPIs to track, you’ll drive revenue and quickly grow as a business. Maybe you’re new to the world of KPIs and want to learn which ones to follow.

Sounds like your situation? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the SEO KPIs that matter most.  

Organic Traffic 

One of the top KPIs for SEO is your site’s organic traffic. This is how many visitors come across your site without clicking ads or being directed by another page. Know, organic traffic is arguably the most important because it indicates how successful your SEO is, from the keywords you use to how you’ve optimized the website’s design. 

If you want to brush up on your technique, check out this blog post on SEO.  

Return on SEO Investment 

Another important indicator of SEO performance is your marketing campaign’s return on investment.

Make sure you calculate this after changing your strategy because it tells you whether the investment has paid off. If you begin to lose money, it’s time to rework your plan and seek help from professional SEO services.   

Average Time on Page

Still unsure which SEO KPIs to track? Then, consider how long each visitor spends on your site.

This will show you which content works best and when prospects are willing to invest in your business, whether it’s on the affiliate section or as they browse your latest products.  

Bounce Rate

In contrast, you should also consider your site’s bounce rate. If you’re unfamiliar with this metric, it gives you a percentage of visitors who left your website without taking any action. As a general rule, yours should be between 40 to 60%; otherwise, you must figure out how to improve your site and keep visitors engaged.  

Keyword Rankings

SEO and keywords are synonymous, making them a crucial KPI. You want to check that the ones you’re using still rank highly on search engines like Google. If not, there’s little chance that your content, especially blog posts, will be found by prospective customers.   


Backlinks are an essential part of your SEO. Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that any link is effective, but low-quality links aren’t worth your time. To avoid duds, regularly track each link’s quality score and choose the highest rated ones.  

Know the Top SEO KPIs

Now you’re familiar with the top SEO KPIs, it’s easy to improve your strategy. 

There are many KPIs to monitor, such as the amount of organic traffic your site receives and the ROI. You should also factor in the quality of backlinks and keyword rankings to ensure you’re reaching your target audience. Good luck with your venture!  

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