Conservatives Need to Unite Against Liberal Misinformation / Policies

It is an era of challenges for conservative families and those who are peacefully practicing religious beliefs and embracing traditional lifestyles and perceiving male and female as the foundation of life.  As conservatives are facing a perilous time, it is not an act of bigotry or discrimination to speak loudly and stand against liberalism and draw a line in order to protect the conservative principles and set a limit to stop the liberals from crossing appropriate boundaries.

Today, conservatives in America are caught between two dangerous waves: one, the liberal politicians, including the Biden administration, which is playing a role in promoting and implementing the liberals’ policies and pushing their agenda forward, and two, the mainstream media in disseminating propaganda against conservatives. There is no question that Americans are suffering under this reality.

Distracting the public has always been a tool that liberal politicians have used to shift people from focusing on the major issues, such as economic difficulties, social problems, health care, immigration issues,  and corruption and wasteful spending among the members of the government. As Americans are struggling with inflation and shortages of baby formula, the liberals are placing the entire blame on the international situation such as the Ukraine-Russia war, and recently, President Biden in his speech accused Republicans for having no plan to reduce inflation. The irony is that neither Biden nor Democrat law makers have created any plans to reduce inflation.

There has been a complete failure of liberalism in handling our economic and social issues; their policies are abhorrent and deceptive to the majority of Americans. The incapability of the liberals to lead American society has driven them to attack conservatives and interfere in the traditional lifestyles of conservative families through schools, T.V, and other social media in order to destroy the principles and values of American society.

Furthermore, escalating the attacks and categorizing MAGA supporters in the form of “most extreme political organization,” as Biden quoted in one of his speeches, has only exposed his extreme liberal mentality. The liberals are attempting to draw a negative image of anyone supporting former President Trump and believing in American interests.

Placing U.S interests ahead of the other nations and improving American society was the core idea of “Making America Great Again,” and the clear definition and purpose of it was to retrieve the strong image of America in the world as we had lost it during former President Barrack Obama’s reign. Supporting and believing in Americans and rejecting the elites in Washington DC were part of MAGA, as well.

Also, the recent attacks on Catholic Churches, as the result of SCOTUS leaked draft opinion on abortion, are examples of liberals’ extreme acts against conservatives on all fronts. These incidents have uncovered the liberals’ radical mentality which is similar to the so- called “Muslims,” in the Middle East, who have committed violent acts against Christians and other opposing  beliefs.

Now more than ever, conservatives need to unite and organize to counter liberal policies, propaganda and misinformation.

Serwan Zangana / Roanoke.

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