Gov. Youngkin to Legislature: Gas Tax Relief Lowers Fuel Prices In Maryland, Connecticut, And Georgia

In a Press Release on April 5, Governor Glenn Youngkin pointed to Maryland, Connecticut and Georgia as states that have taken steps to cut their gas taxed in order to help their motorists and consumers during this time of unprecedented gas prices.

The Governor’s Office reported: [On April 4] Governor Youngkin sent a bill to the General Assembly to secure a gas tax break for Virginians. Meanwhile, state governments on a bipartisan basis have already recognized the importance of a gas tax holiday for their own residents. Isn’t it time for the General Assembly to bring relief to Virginians too?

The dropping prices come days after [Gov.] Kemp signed a bill suspending the state gas tax, a move expected to bring more relief to Georgia drivers. It’s a move that both Republican and Democratic state lawmakers got behind, with the bill passing unanimously at the state Capitol.


The state gas tax holiday has started and gas prices have already started going down.

THE BALTIMORE SUN: Happy holiday: Maryland gas prices are down for now after tax pause. Here’s how much.  The average price of gasoline in Maryland has dropped by 39 cents since a temporary moratorium on the state’s fuel taxes was signed into law Friday, according to figures from AAA.

There are a number of reasons for the spike at the pump, but Marylanders are getting some relief, sparking state residents and drivers from nearby states to take advantage of Maryland’s lower prices. And, we have bipartisanship to thank. In a sign of solidarity this month, Democrats and Republicans joined together to pass legislation that would halt the state’s gas tax for 30 days.

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