DEVOTIONAL: Perspective Matters

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. – Colossians 3:2

Just now I went to visit a neighbor for the first time. While waiting on his doorstep, I was admiring the beautiful mountain view from his house. In fact, he has a splendid view of the hill that is right behind our home. “Hmm… I pondered. He has a grand view of that hill, but we don’t. I wonder why?” And then it hit me: “Because we’re too close.” Since he is across the street from the ridge and the yards are clear, he enjoys an unobstructed, panoramic view of the height. But when we look out our back windows, we see mainly trees.

We often associate closeness with being able to see well. With many things, if we cannot see or read it clearly, we try to bring it up close to our eyes. But sometimes in life, it’s the exact opposite. If we’re too close, we can’t see; thus, it takes some distance to observe some items. This is why many people, as they get older, gain perspectives and insights they didn’t have when younger. This is why one preacher says, “You can only live life forward, but you can only understand it backward.” Of course, not everyone gains insight with age. As another preacher put it, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing wise is voluntary.”

We see the value of perspective in today’s verse. “Set your minds” tells us to intentionally chose our perspective and mindset. Plus, it is a command, which means it’s in our power to do…if we want to. As you go through your daily life, is your main focus on the temporary things of this world, or the eternal riches of heaven? Think of the birds: while the chickens scratch in the dirt, confined to the barnyard and waiting to be someone’s chicken dinner, the eagle soars in the sky.

Which do you want to be?


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