Griffith Announces Run for Reelection

Congressman Griffith has declared he will run for reelection to Virginia’s Ninth Congressional District.

“I have called Southwest Virginia home my entire life, and I have worked tirelessly for the communities I represent. I am so fortunate to be currently representing some of the state’s most friendly, loving, and patriotic Americans. Despite the tremendous size of the Ninth

Congressional district, I have been amazed by the overwhelming support I have received as I travel throughout the regions. This support has made my job as your U.S. Representative special.”

“Unfortunately, the last year under the Biden administration has been anything but ideal for my constituents. We are seeing an unprecedented assault on our civil liberties, families are struggling to make ends meet as gas prices and grocery prices rise, and drug abuse continues to be a major problem in our communities.”

“By addressing legislation that focuses more on fulfilling Democrat wish lists as opposed to serving the people, it is clear that the radical left in Washington D.C. does not hold the interests of Southwest Virginia to heart.”

“As such, I feel the need to continue my fight in Congress to make sure our region is heard and ensure traditionally conservative values ultimately prevail. There is still much work to be done in Congress. Accordingly, I announce my candidacy for reelection to represent the Ninth Congressional District.”

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