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SCOTT DREYER: Christmas Reflections–Have You Found The Missing Piece?

Inspired by a devotional she read in 2013, Susan Jones of Roanoke County has now written a Christmas poem for eight years in a row. A dedicated educator, she taught full-time with Roanoke County Public Schools from 1971-2004 and then served as a substitute teacher for an additional five years.

In this year’ poem she creates an extended metaphor about setting up a nativity set in her home–a popular Christmas decoration here in Southwest Virginia and around much of the world–and then closes by relating it to the reader.

Jesus Came For Us

Every year about this time!

I display the manger scene;

And as I place each piece

I  remember what they mean.


The angel spoke words of promise

To young Mary late one night;

Even though she had many questions

She surrendered to the light!


The angel visited Joseph

Elizabeth and Zechariah too;

As they pondered all these things

They had faith it all was true!


I sat the humble donkey there

Who carried them day and night;

To Bethlehem for the prophecy

Fulfilled when the time was right.


As I placed the lowly shepherds

I wondered how they felt;

When the bright star led to a manger

And before the Lamb Of God, they knelt!


I put the wise men in their spot

What beckoned them to come so far;

Searching for a Holy Child

From studying celestial stars?


It was time for Baby Jesus

But I couldn’t find Him anywhere;

Panic sent me searching

And I found Him lying safely on a chair!


That caused me to start thinking

What if Jesus had never come?

We too would be lost and hopeless

Wondering where help would come from!


There are many people today

Who have not found the Savior yet;

He waits patiently for them to come

He has already paid their debt!

**Let us be faithful to remember to tell others

Jesus came for them too!


–Susan Jones

Scott Dreyer M.A. in his classroom. Dreyer, of Roanoke, has been a licensed teacher since 1987 and now leads a team of educators teaching English and ESL to a global audience. Their website is DreyerCoaching.com.

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