SCOTT DREYER: Happy Constitution Day!

(…) Write the vision, and make it plain (….)  

–Habakkuk 2:2b

Once as a history major at William and Mary I heard our Sunday School teacher tell us the saying, “The weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory.” 

That revelation I learned in the 1980s–the importance of putting ideas in writing–sprang to mind today as I thought of September 17: Constitution Day. 

Our nation’s constitution is not a collection of some vague notions that the Founding Fathers were chatting about at the local ale house in Philadelphia. Yes, those concepts originated from thoughts and conversations. (Ideas have Consequences.) But ever since the 1770s, the US has had a written constitution

(Caveat: the Founding Fathers met and debated about a constitution all during that hot summer of 1787 in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Yes, that was the same building where another group of founders had met in the summer of 1776 to declare our independence from England. This second group of founders finally agreed to and signed the Constitution on September 17, 1787. However, they required nine of the original 13 states to ratify, or approve, the constitution in order for it to go into effect, which it did in 1789.)

By being written, our plan of government is inscribed in black and white, which helps give it a sense of permanence. That system, far from perfect, has been in effect since 1789. This makes it the oldest, continually-used constitution in the world. 

(For reference, the world’s second-oldest constitution still in use is that of Norway, dating from 1814.)

Speaking of written text, maybe you have seen this bumper sticker:


What does that mean? 

Have you ever wondered why we have so many freedoms compared to people in so many other countries? It certainly cannot be because we Americans have “superior DNA.” In fact, there really is no “American DNA,” because as a nation of immigrants most of us are a mongrel mix when it comes to our bloodlines. 

Yes, I know the “woke” brainwashing pushed by so many in the media, academia and elsewhere would have you believe the USA is the most evil, racist, hateful culture on earth. 

However, look at our normal freedoms compared to those of Afghanistan now in the aftermath of President Biden’s botched exit disaster. Sure, if you want to wear a full burka here in the US, go right ahead, but women do not have to. 

Just a few weeks ago the world witnessed the horrific spectacle of people falling off airplanes to their death, in a desperate attempt to flee Kabul. 


Those tormented souls chose the risk of death rather than fall into the hands of the Taliban.  

On our Southern border, families risk death in the desert and rivers to cross into the US, by the millions. I am not aware of people dying trying to escape from here. 

This may make some people squeal, but in fact, all the authors of the US Constitution were white males. And yes, 25 of the 55 framers owned slaves. So, the framers were not perfect people, and neither is our Constitution nor our country perfect. But when you think about it, that is a ridiculous point.  In this crazy, fallen world, nothing is perfect. So, holding up “perfection” as some sort of yardstick or measure is unfair, insane, and a terrible waste of time.

Our Constitution and the liberties protected there have been under attack for a long time, and the outrageous onslaughts are snowballing. Many are using this Covid-age as a handy cover to amp up the assaults. The aggressions are against freedom of speech, expression, religion, association, movement, artists to create their own masterpieces without government coercion… The list goes on and on, but time and space do not allow an enumeration.

Do your own research with an open mind (and open eyes) and you will see.

A study of history shows most great civilizations lasted some 200-250 years before collapsing. 

This past July 4th–our first with President Biden in the White House–was our nation’s 245th birthday, so if the shoe fits….

Happy Constitution Day. Defend it while it can still defend you! 

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Scott Dreyer in his classroom.

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