STUART REVERCOMB: Pepsi Joins Coke in Leading The Great Corporate Divide

I was just told to “Dig in and support black owned restaurants” by the Pepsi Company in a nationally run television ad during a major sporting event.

I’m confused. Isn’t that being racist?

What about all other restaurants owned by all other races? Are they seriously suggesting I discriminate against them to support a single race based on the color of their skin?

The hypocritical irony is so obvious as to be bizarre – that the public tolerates such open (and now exceedingly common) proclamations. From advertising to movies to newscasts to political pulpits – and even more sadly religious ones – the political false message of “systematic racism” grows in its ability to deceive and divide.

(Don’t think so? Click here:  Carol Swain says it far better.)

Want to see where this all goes?

Read The Gulag Archipelago or The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich – or ANY history of communist China. Or take a quick flight to Venezuela.

The methods are the same – where in the distortion and shaming of Truth leads to a literal Hell on Earth.

In my view the Corporate / Hollywood / Media / Government entities that have joined together to drive such a narrative are sowing the seeds of a deeper and more quietly hidden racism that will be far more undermining than the present racial reality – as in need of progress that it surely is. (And, given the human condition, likely always will.)

Such a practice has all the markings of “Screwtape” at His best – manipulating a world that, having explained God away, has neither eyes to see nor ears to hear.

Stuart Revercomb
  • Stuart Revercomb is the Publisher of The Roanoke Star 

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