Gauntlet Business Competition Give Back to the Community

Proving small businesses truly are the backbone of our local economy, entrepreneurs working to start or expand their business in this year’s GAUNTLET business competition are focusing on how to give back to the local community.

Entrepreneurs are learning the importance of incorporating corporate social responsibility into their business plans through weekly online classes. While profitability is a vital part of starting a business, the GAUNTLET aims to show entrepreneurs how their businesses can also profit their communities.

A number of entrepreneurs participating this year have embraced the effort, including innovative ways to improve our community through sustainable initiatives to protect our environment, and create positive social change through promoting minority communities and lifting underserved populations.

“We incorporated corporate social responsibility into this year’s Gauntlet to help entrepreneurs be intentional about their impact on the environment and society as they built their business plans,” said Shannon Dominguez, director of business development. “How a business operates can influence their image, ability to hire and retain staff and attract customers and investors. We want our entrepreneurs to be successful and do as much good for the community as possible.”

Supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses, State Farm demonstrated corporate responsibility through awarding The Advancement Foundation a $35,000 grant to help sustain and scale the Commonwealth’s largest business program and competition.

“We believe in giving back to the neighborhoods we serve and we want to develop stronger neighborhoods by reinvesting in the community,” said State Farm spokesperson Kate Beadle.

The GAUNTLET wants to help entrepreneurs create the change they want to see in their communities by learning how to responsibility invest back into the communities they serve.

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