VA Senate Passes Suetterlein’s Parole Transparency Bill 

SB5012 Heading to the House of Delegates after bipartisan 29-10 vote 
The Virginia Senate passed legislation that would finally make public the votes of Virginia’s powerful Parole Board. Senator David Suetterlein’s Senate Bill 5012 passed the Senate 29-10 today with a majority of both Republicans and Democrats in support. 
The transparency legislation would make the actions of the Parole Board public and bring their reporting procedures in line with other Virginia government boards. SB5012 is part of a coordinated effort to bring transparency to the powerful Parole Board after an Inspector General’s report revealed several legal violations regarding notifying victims’ families and record keeping requirements.
“Virginians should know who is making these critical public safety and individual liberty decisions on the power Parole Board. It was great to see so much bipartisan support for this important sunshine reform,” said Suetterlein.
Eleven of the 21 Senate Democrats joined all of the chamber’s Republicans in supporting the bill’s final passage. The bill now heads to the House of Delegates for consideration. 

Virginia Senator David Suetterlein was elected with 71% in November 2019 to a second term representing Salem and Bedford, Carroll, Floyd, Franklin, Montgomery, Roanoke, and Wythe counties in the Virginia Senate. He lives in Roanoke County with his wife where their children attend public schools. He is a Realtor with the Roanoke Valley owned and operated MKB, REALTORS.