Stuart Revercomb

After TWO MONTHS of government imposed economic shutdown the VA Dept of Health and the John’s Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center confirm that as of today there are:

– 170 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Roanoke Valley.

–  Zero deaths. (Source: VDH. Although recent news reports indicate that 10 individuals may have died due to Covid-19 complications at a local retirement home.)

–  20,256 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the entire state of VA (pop; 8,600,000). Almost 80% of which are in Northern VA, Richmond and the Tidewater Area.

–  713 deaths statewide. 84% of which involve patients in retirement facilities or hospitals. Leaving 107 others who likely had a precondition of some kind that contributed at least partially to their demise. Additionally, ALL patients testing positive for Covid-19 receive a “cause of death” as such regardless of any other condition including cancer, respiratory illness, heart disease etc.

Given these statistics and the economic / societal toll a few common sense deductions might be made:

– 99.9% of citizens in the Roanoke Valley effectively have a ZERO % chance of dying from Covid-19. Unless you count the deaths caused by the shutdown due to the lack of elected surgeries and other obvious impacts relative to child / spousal abuse, drug abuse and suicide.

– presently the average State of VA resident has a .0082 percent chance of dying from Covid-19, meaning we are about 10 times more likely to die in an auto accident.

– a one size fits all counties / cities response to the virus is now beyond poor judgement and bordering on malfeasance.

Contact your Governor and State Representative.

Tell them Common Sense sent you.

Stuart Revercomb