Berglund Center Launches “Painting Positivity” Contest

Painting to Showcase Community’s Talent and Put Positive Spin on COVID-19 Pandemic

The Berglund Center has announced “Painting Positivity,” an initiative to keep the “positivity” and the paintbrush flowing to create joy, hope, and a way to commemorate a difficult time with a positive spin on it.

Anyone who is looking for activities for children to do while at home or are a talented artist or just into making art, this contest is for them. The “Painting Positivity” campaign is a contest where fans of all ages (adults and children) can submit art to highlight the positive, good humanitarian things or any silver lining that happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is challenging to stay positive and active at this time, while also focused on staying well,” says Robyn Schon, General Manager at Berglund Center. “We want to take advantage of this time to showcase some of our community’s talent by offering artists of all levels an opportunity to use a trash can as a canvas and show how something beautiful can come from unexpected places.  This original art will be on display around the concourses for all to see.”

Selected submissions will be used to decorate six (6) garbage cans (each with four sides) that will be placed around the concourse at Berglund Center. The artwork can be done with colored pencils, paint, crayons, digital art, or any other art medium. Please submit a photo of your artwork to [email protected] or direct message them on Facebook.

If your artwork is chosen, they will collect it once the Stay at Home order is lifted and we will get it digitized to be placed on the trash cans. If you have any questions, please either email or direct message them.

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