Carilion Using Referral Site to Streamline COVID-19 Testing

Similar to what has been done across the country, Carilion opened its first testing referral center on Thursday, March 19. The site is at 4064 Postal Drive in Cave Spring. Currently, only patients who meet symptomatic criteria and have an order from their Carilion physician will be tested at the site. At this time, you must have a physician referral to access the testing location. This may change as more testing kits become available and criteria for testing changes.

Patients will be referred to this site by their Carilion primary care physician for flu and COVID-19 testing. As availability of test kits increases, Carilion will implement additional testing site locations as well as open testing beyond Carilion primary care. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

The referral clinic acts as an additional resource in tandem with existing testing sites, including VelocityCare urgent care sites and hospitals.

After being tested, patients will be strongly encouraged to return directly home and self-isolate until test results are reported. Carilion’s top priority is to keep patients and the surrounding community safe. This site will minimize potential exposures and is a best practice technique for flattening the COVID-19 curve.

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