So – Who Is God Anyway?

Stuart Revercomb

That seems like an interesting enough question to answer in 247 words.

Some say “God is Love” in the capital “L” sense of the word – but in my view that’s likely cutting Him short of who He ultimately is. Because God, while certainly always loving in intent and action – the very “organic beginning” of Love, also has (if you put stock in both scripture and life experience) some expectations and preferences when it comes to how human beings should live in His creation.

To put it simply, it would appear that God has some Laws that go along with His Love.

But you wouldn’t necessarily know that by listening to much of the modern church. To the contrary – the word we now receive is almost exclusively about the “Love” part only – i.e.  “ if we just love and be ‘nice’ to others” (regardless of their behavior) all will be well.

Which is, of course, a good start.

But if it fails to include the first part of the great commandment, to “LOVE GOD (inclusive of His desires / expectations) there’s no way the second part, “LOVING neighbor,” is ever going to happen in a truly genuine way for you or them.

Because, just like God’s Love for us, our love for others must come with a measure of accountability wherein sometimes the most loving word / action is far from the easiest.

So – study and LIVE out of the Law – that thy Love be True.

Stuart Revercomb

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