STUART REVERCOMB: Eternity Is What We Make It

Stuart Revercomb

Yesterday wife Caroline departed South Korea at 9:45 AM on Tuesday Dec 17th 2019 and touched down at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport at exactly 9:10 AM on Tuesday Dec 17th 2019.

Careful observers will note that after her 14 hour flight Caro was a time traveler of sorts. By re-crossing the international dateline she not only regained the day she “lost” on the way out but thanks to a decent tailwind also managed to gain an additional 35 minutes of her life back.

The world she be full of miracles.

Well, kinda sorta.

The reality, of course, is that man’s methodology of marking time is just that – man made – and the rest of the universe could care less whether we said it was Tuesday or Wednesday.

The bottom line is that owing to the cosmological / geo-spatial reality of things we all get a daily average of exactly 12 hours of light over the course of a year no matter where we stand on the planet. (The relative length of each dose fluctuating a bit of course.)

But the Year of our Lord 2019 is something else altogether. Since it marks the span of time since the birth of our Savior, the only relativity there is whether one chooses to accept God’s greatest gift of Light or not.

For “the light shined in the darkness . . .”

And “we know not the hour . . .”

So like pauper shepherd or wise and wealthy king.

Receive Him.

Stuart Revercomb