STUART REVERCOMB: Take Nothing For Granted

Stuart Revercomb

My wife is traveling to Seoul South Korea today to visit son Will who serves there as a Tank Commander / Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. She left a few hours ago and the dogs are already looking a little uneasy. “Is he going to remember to feed us?”

This morning over coffee Caro and I talked about how easy it is to take EVERYTHING for granted including the fact that she will board a plane at JFK tonight and a mere 15 hours later be on the ground in Korea.

Contrast that to what was required less than two human lifetimes ago, a 6-8 MONTH journey across the entire continental U.S. before getting on a sailing vessel and praying one’s way across the Pacific for another 60-90 days.

Or you could shave a month or so off that time by sailing around the tip of Cape Horn while admiring from a distance the albatross-shaped monument there that commemorates the lives of thousands of seafarers who perished while attempting – just like you – to sail around it.

You get the point. From travel to food to housing to entertainment to medicine to working conditions to … well, every aspect of the human condition, we have it just so relatively easy beyond words. Indeed, our forefathers would stand before us with mouths agape as we described something of today’s “little trip” to Seoul.

So – take nothing – Nothing – NO THING for granted!

For unimaginable blessings abound.

All around us.

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