DICK BAYNTON: An American Algorithm

Dick Baynton

An ‘algorithm’ is a step by step solution to a problem, using logic and often a computer program (but not necessarily) that leads to a solution. So, what is the problem with the U.S.A. often referred to as ‘America?’ Perhaps the most insidious problem facing our great nation is ‘divided loyalties’ the disparate outlooks and attitudes toward current events and policies.

Some of these disparities are called ‘wars’ such as the ‘war on women’ and the ‘tariff wars.’ The expression of ‘war’ is simply imprudent overkill for publicity reasons that are supposed to raise the level of concern and excitement among the general public.

One of the most divisive issues in our nation today is abortion including the inhumanity of infanticide. In 2018 there were reported to be 638,000 abortions in the US; since 1973 there have been an estimated 50 million infants sent into extinction. Roe V. Wade was the case heard by our Supreme Court in 1973, legalizing the procedure. In recent past days Alabama and Missouri have passed more restrictive state abortion legislation.

Consider the linkage that exists here. Right now, we have more jobs than we have people to fill them; small business is being impacted heavily. Had we saved only 10% of those lost lives, our workforce could be up to five million greater that could have filled many unfilled jobs in our factories and shops. Most industrialized nations in the world are suffering from low birthrates. We need immigrants to fill jobs; Germany has brought in millions of immigrants to bolster their production output but has suffered regarding changes to their culture and their economy.

The problem with immigration is that our Congress doesn’t have the moxie to do anything about it. Our politicians haggle over various aspects of immigration so we operate under a misbegotten system of executive orders, shady deals and deliberate law-breaking. While the Congress of the United States ignores updating Social Security, immigration and other critical legislation, they waste time passing legislation regarding the rights and privileges of LGBT people called ‘The Equality Act.’ We need immigrants who want to participate in our economy, obey our laws and join our culture (including language).

Here’s a question for all parents; would you encourage your son or daughter to participate in the marijuana-weed-hemp craze that is going on in many states? Sales of cannabis derivatives such as ‘cannabidiol’ that can be used in dietary supplements, drinks and foods that offers perceived ‘relief’ from anxiety are spiking. A 2019 book by Alex Berenson titled: “Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence” reveals some of the pitfalls of regular use of these products.

These are only a few of the divisive elements of our society. Some are not political while others are related to religion, economic standing and elitism. For example the trip to college will take about the same time whether the travel is in a BMW or a Ford Focus. Here are some steps we must take in the algorithm for change:

Our nation is awash in debt; this must change. No worker can be assured full retirement payouts from past promises made (unfunded federal liabilities total $124 trillion). There must be term limits for all federal and state elected officers. Here’s a (bad) example: Michael Madigan of Illinois is the longest-serving speaker of a state legislature in U.S. history (1983 to present except for 1995-1997). He wields more authority than the Governor. Oversight of Congress and state legislatures should allow voters to ratify performance-based compensation and benefits packages every two years.

The only antidote to liberal progressive socialist ideology is education at all levels of teaching. The ‘tenure track’ system for college professors should be trashed and K-12 teachers should be compensated based on student performance. Civics, American History, math and English should be basic required courses and trade schools should be as popular as community colleges. Incentives for welfare benefits must be regulated and job training should be required; all welfare recipients should be required to participate in the local economy. Journalism must focus on truth and accuracy. Media commentary should be noted as such and be totally separated from newsworthy journalism.

And this just scratches the surface of the ‘algorithm’ for coming together and solving our problems of ‘divisiveness.’

Dick Baynton

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