Cave Spring Elementary Student Wins National Photography Competition

Photo credit: Ally Burrow

Ally Burrow takes top prize in photography category

Ally Burrow, a 5th grade student at Cave Spring Elementary School was named the Outstanding Interpretation winner of the national PTA Reflections competition in the photography category.  The theme of the 2018-2019 competition was “Heroes Around Me.”  Burrow’s entry was a photo of her sister, Meg, a special needs student who currently attends preschool at Cave Spring Elementary.

In her entry, Burrow said her sister was her hero and she was inspired by her sister each and every day.

“The moment I saw Ally’s entry, I had a feeling it was going to be a big winner,” said Roanoke District of PTAs Reflections Coordinator Chuck Lionberger.  “I think this may be the first ever national Outstanding Interpretation winner we’ve had in the Roanoke District,” Lionberger added.

PTA Reflections entries initially are submitted at the local school level.  First place winners from the local level advance to the Roanoke County Council level.  First place winners from the council level advance to the Roanoke District level (the Roanoke District covers Bedford Co., Roanoke City, Roanoke Co., and Salem City).  First place winners at the district level advance to the state level.

At the state and national levels, one first place winner is selected (this is the Outstanding Interpretation Award).  The Outstanding Interpretation winner at the state level advances to the national competition.  The second-tier award is the Award of Excellence, which can be awarded to more than one entry.  The third-tier award is the Award of Merit, which also can be awarded to more than one entry.

For the 2018-2019 Reflections competition, seven Roanoke County Public Schools students placed at the state level.  In addition to Ally Burrow’s Outstanding Interpretation Award, three students received Awards of Excellence and three students received Awards of Merit. Burrow’s entry advanced to the national competition where she received the Outstanding Interpretation Award.


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