DICK BAYNTON: Innuendo and Actuality

Dick Baynton

The recent articles in the New York Times are teeming with rich and tempting innuendo. The rough definition of the word innuendo is ‘an indirect reference to something negative.’ The result I believe is that the NY Times reports that our President might be a direct agent of Russia; that he may be working against the best interests of the very country he leads; the USA.

One writer mentioned that Trump did not deny the accusation suggesting that yes, he must be a direct agent of Russia’s Putin and/or Putin’s Russia. Mr. Trump has denied the innuendo by saying something like, ‘that is a disgusting question.’ However, as far as we know the NY Times did not present one tidbit of direct evidence.

Here is a reminder about innuendo, rumors and propaganda. During all wars and especially World War II the German Nazi propaganda machine was feeding the world misinformation in vast quantities; remember this was before TV, Internet and fax communications. In the recent presidential election there has been misleading information apparently by Russian organizations that were offered up as favoring one candidate or the other. It is more than just a little interesting that the Mueller investigation on political collusion is aimed only at Trump while the DNC was reportedly tapped into by Russian interests but ignored by FBI and other security services.

Did anyone (anyone?) question President Obama’s loyalty to his homeland when he sent billions of dollars to Iran, the world leader in terror? Did anyone question Obama’s loyalty when he reopened the Cuban embassy without any demands for changes in that communist island nation? Where were the ‘journalists’ who didn’t bother to ask why Obama turned the ‘Syrian red line’ problem over to Mr. Putin when chemical weapons were used to snuff out the lives of President Bashar-al-Assad’s own Syrian citizens? Reporters and opinion writers made a joke of the 2012 ‘open mike’ comment by Obama to Medvedev regarding his ‘more flexibility’ after the election (referring to the missile defenses that he removed in central Europe that Bush had agreed to provide).

The stream of articles about Trump’s naiveté and ‘collusion’ with Russia sounds like the starting point of the final drive to sever President Donald J. Trump’s from his job and hand him his heart in a Wal-Mart plastic bag. The forces of the media, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, University faculties, liberal politicians and office holders and Democratic Party workers will now be weaponizing their factoids, diversions, lies and rumors into speeches, media articles and TV and radio segments aimed at changing the minds of voters; the ‘Battle of Bombastic Bluster.’ The bad news is that some people will believe the false logic and the misleading uncommon nonsense that leads to rapture and euphoria of the misguided and misinformed.

The above information leads me to suspect that the Mueller investigation that many believe will release results in the near future may not be winding down. Is it possible that the release will come only when there is enough evidence, innuendo or propaganda to assure the departure of Donald J. Trump? The ‘resist’ campaign has not generated enough menacing coercion to bring Trump down. Maybe by silent affirmation, the forces of evil have determined that when Mueller is done baking, Trump’s goose will be cooked.

The deep and divisive conflict now being waged is not between the political parties but between liberal power and the people; the voters of this great nation. Money is not the issue as the wall would cost a tiny fraction of the 2019 budget. The issue is the hatred and passion of Tom Steyer, Barack Obama, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and liberal politicians all over our free country who feel the election of Donald Trump was diametrically wrong. They feel that U.S. voters who failed to vote for Hillary are a bunch of no-brainers and idiots because ‘hapless’ Hillary deserved to be elected president. This reflects the thought level of most Democrats that is comparable to the 14 voters for the most popular third-grade classmate at Hillside Elementary.

History and current events prove that the wall is essential to our nation’s sovereignty. Let’s not allow hatred to deceive ourselves into believing that a southern wall is not critical to our safety and sovereignty.

– Dick Baynton

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