McDonalds Needs to Change Animal Procurement Policy

Over the past two years, California and Massachusetts have passed laws to ban some of the worst factory farming practices, like cramming chickens, pigs, and calves into tiny cages. Additionally, some of the world’s largest food chains, like Starbucks, Burger King, and Subway, have implemented better animal welfare standards. But McDonald’s policy still allows blatant animal abuse in the company’s supply chain, like using chickens who are bred to grow so large, so fast they cannot even walk without pain.

But chickens—and other farmed animals—are sensitive and intelligent, and they feel pain just like our dogs and cats. Some of the largest animal welfare organizations, including the Humane Society, are calling on McDonald’s to change its practices, but the company continues to lag behind its competitors.

In our supposedly civilized society, we have an obligation to protect all animals—including farmed animals—from extreme cruelty. It’s time for McDonald’s to do what’s right, catch up with the times, and implement better animal welfare standards.

Christine Lofgren / Roanoke, VA

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