Dick Baynton: A Microcosm of Globalism

Dick Baynton

First, let’s start with definitions of ‘globalism’ and ‘globalization.’ In my humble opinion, ‘globalism’ is a dream of fantasy where all citizens of the world awaken each day to the joy of another day in paradise. Globalization is the process of getting where we are today to the description of ‘globalism’ as explained in the prior sentence.

Globalism is a fanciful dream by ideologues who would put the cultures, religions, communications, economies, currencies and sovereignties into a one-million page rule book that would be filled with algorithms, formulas, laws about guns, weapons and bad breath remedies. The ‘perfect’ world would be born by the thousands of creators who had spent millions of hours and billions of dollars creating this world guidebook ‘utopia.’

These words are satirical of course but it isn’t satire that some of our government leaders and their followers believe that borders and the concept of sovereignty should not apply, that illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship without following current law and jurisdictions who select ‘Sanctuary Status’ in conflict with federal law should be widely accepted and enforced.

Let’s say a baby is born on January 1st, 2019 in the Central African Republic, the poorest country in the world with a population of 5.5 million and a per capita GDP of about $656 annually or approximately $1.80 per day.  A child is delivered on the same day in Qatar with a population of 2.2 million and  the richest per capita country with a GDP of $130,000 ($356 per day). Literacy in the latter nation is almost 98%, while in the CAR, literacy is about 37%. Globalism could not cope with the challenge of equalizing the future of these two children for their lifetimes; sad but true.

Remedies have been suggested by politicians. In the U.S. for example, a liberal idea is to provide UBI (Universal Basic Income) that would cost $3.28 trillion per year at $10,000 per person. Another subterfuge being considered is free public college educations that would cost another $75 billion per year. Here’s the catch to these free entitlements; government money paid out must first be collected from someone else.

Our nation right now is spending billions of dollars on unemployed but qualified workers. Our government through its laws is encouraging able-bodied workers to stay home. Finally in every country money spent by government with few exceptions adds to the national debt. Only private investment in enterprises produces jobs and profit that in turn generates taxes to support the overarching government bureaucracy.

In the recent past ‘Nationalism’ has affected the EU by ‘Brexit’ and has been reflected in other nations such as India (Narendra Modi), Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) and Japan (Shinzo Abe). A reasonable definition of Nationalism might be ‘our sovereign nation first and a symbiotic relationship with all other nations of the world second.’

The UN with its bloated budget and bureaucracy is unable to the arbitrate conflicts between nations and has not been successful in mitigating internal revolutions and atrocities. The International Court of Justice in The Hague (Netherlands) with its 15 Judges can only punish people like President Bashar al-Assad of Syria when charges are brought after years of hostilities.

Russia, China, North Korea and Syria are constantly at work to tear down trust between nations, post clandestine threats against neighbors and use criminal acts of murder and mayhem to maintain their power over citizen serfs. Diplomacy doesn’t work because oppressive tyrants spurn the use of common logic, integrity and truth.

In summary, as a nation of immigrants that started as ‘a melting pot’, we have become a microcosm of ethnicities and cultures. With a population of almost 330 million people we represent less than 4% of world population and 25% of world trade without lust for conquest, subjugation or despotism. T

he United States of America is being called up, by the will of virtue and morality to assume the awesome responsibility of shouldering the fulcrum of the balance of world power in concert with all other great and free nations of the world. In order to do this we must muster the strength of character to control our debt, firmly retain our sovereignty, reduce our domestic infighting by all metrics of politics, race and individual and group hatred. Leading from the front is steep risk, towering reward.

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