The Salem Fair Is Back – Another Sign of Summer

photo credit: Curt Warwick

Its back – the Salem Fair from July 3-15, the largest free gate event of its kind in the country. That means rides on the midway, food vendors, live music and other entertainment, plus fireworks, art and agricultural exhibits. Most of it takes place in the Salem Civic Center parking lot drawing an estimated 250,000-350,000 annually. This is the 31st year. Wendy Delano is the Director of Facilities.

“13 days of fun for families and kid of all ages,” says Delano, who succeeded the retired John Saunders (now a Salem City Council member). There are a few new acts including the Xpogo Stunt Team – a pogo stick troupe that makes their debut at the Salem Fair, using “new generation pogo sticks that allow them to jump 9 feet in the air and do all these flips and tricks,” notes Delano.

The Extreme Raptors are a bird of prey exhibit and demonstration; a mentalist/mind reader will confound the public no doubt with all sorts of magic tricks. In all there are 14 acres of carnival space on site; pay-one-price options will make the midway rides more affordable for families that want to make a full day of it.  Degeller Attractions operates the rides.

The Salem Fair is staged by the city and a number of partners and is no small undertaking every year. “It’s a great opportunity for us to do something fun for the community,” says Delano, “and this is a family tradition for many people. We like to think of it as Disney World for the people here in Southwest Virginia.”

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Gene Marrano

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