Commonwealth Games See Record Participation / Economic Impact

The first medals of 2018 were awarded in mid February at the “Indoor Aquathon.” Check out the full list of events for this year on the Common Wealth Games website.

This summer, Amateur athletes from across Virginia will once again head to the campus of Liberty University and the City of Lynchburg for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, an event that keeps getting bigger and better. In fact, last year’s games set records for participation and for economic impact.

More than 11,000 athletes took part, generating $2.8 Million in economic impact to Virginia – more than $2.6 Million in the Lynchburg area. Those numbers are up from 2016, when 9,600 athletes competed and the economic impact was just over $2.1 Million statewide, and $1.5 Million in the Lynchburg area.

“Liberty University and the City of Lynchburg have proven to be excellent partners for our organization in providing our Olympic style festival,” said Dan Foutz, Virginia Amateur Sports President. “World class facilities, dedicated partners and corporate sponsors have provided us a formula for growth in the future and the future is bright!”

Main games weekend is expanding in 2018. Last year, 28 different sports ran during the big weekend. This year, at least 43 sports will take the place on main games weekend, which will further increase the local impact.  “Main Games Weekend” kicks off on Friday, July 27, with an athlete tailgate party followed by the opening ceremonies. In all, athletes will compete in more than 50 sports.

“The Commonwealth Games are really a magical time for these talented athletes,” said Jerry Falwell, President of Liberty University. “We are thrilled once again to welcome the competitors and their families to our campus and to Lynchburg. We have seen the games grow and look forward to seeing them get even bigger and better.”

“The City of Lynchburg is proud to host the Commonwealth Games,” said City of Lynchburg Mayor Joan Foster. “The Commonwealth Games – and our partnership with Virginia Amateur Sports and Liberty University – bring thousands of athletes and their families to explore our beautiful City. We are thrilled as both the number of participants and the impact that they have in Lynchburg continues to grow.”

There is even more excitement heading into 2019, when Virginia will serve as the host of the State Games of America. The Commonwealth Games will rebrand for the one year with Virginia athletes having an automatic bid to compete. 14,000 athletes are expected in Lynchburg for the event, as medal winners from across the country are eligible to participate.

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