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Otherwise, what business does a computer company have making phones?

Things seem to happen so fast these days.

Of course that’s what people have been saying for generations so it’s kind of hard to tell if it’s really true or just how it “feels”. This I can say…there are so many new things to process and master I really don’t think the average person can do it all.

In the marketing and advertising world we’ve seen a proliferation of platforms and tools and ways to get a client’s message to the interested (and possibly the not-aware-they-are-interested) people who are out there. Whether it is traditional media, social media, new media, digital media, or some other yet-to-be-named media, the fact is there are a lot of things to keep track of and I’m convinced one person simply cannot be an expert at everything.

I’m not saying you should learn everything. And I’m not suggesting you should quit adding new business lines or specialties.

Otherwise, what business does a computer company have making phones?

What I am saying is that there is some benefit to “staying in your lane” and focusing on the core business areas that built your organization and sustained it through the years. Once you’ve got those areas under control (I realize that’s a relative term), then yes, you can evaluate the areas in which you can extend.

After all, if my company had only bought electronic media like I planned almost nine years ago, we’d never have legitimately added website design and marketing services, video production, print design, event marketing, and even filmmaking to our list of deliverables.

Always look for growth and areas of expansion, yes, but also realize that one person (or even one company) cannot do everything. Recognize as a leader when it makes the most sense to go outside your department or company to get a better solution. And be wise about what you add to your key markets.

It’s the fastest way to ensure your continued relevance and success – and keep your sanity.

Bruce C Bryan

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