Regional Artists Chosen for Stormwater 2018 Inlet Art Project

The City of Roanoke’s Stormwater Division and the Roanoke Arts Commission have chosen five artists to enhance six stormdrains as part of an environmental education program.

The project seeks to transform six stormdrains around the city into works of art while also sending the message that whatever goes into the stormdrains ends up directly in our creeks, streams, and the Roanoke River.

The Request for Proposals stated: “As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Imagine what artists could communicate about improving Roanoke’s water quality. Creating Inlet Art will not only draw attention to storm drains “hidden” within the City sidewalks, but will also raise awareness about stormwater pollution.

Few people realize that litter, trash, and other pollution sources like sediment, bacteria, oils, and yard waste left on City streets wash untreated into the nearest creek, stream, or the Roanoke River. Raising awareness through visual expression has been successfully implemented in other communities and the City believes it will be an effective next step in preventing stormwater pollution from entering Roanoke’s waterways.”

The following artist’s proposals were selected from the 26 submissions.

  • Catawba artist Ned Savage will place his art on two inlets at Grandin Road and Crystal Spring Avenue. Ned works for LEAP for Local Food and is on the Salem Arts Commission.
  • Brian Counihan’s artwork will enhance an inlet near West End Park. Brian is a Roanoke artist and teacher at Community High School.
  • Gerry Hubert, a Roanoke artist known for his colorful renditions of Lady Gaga, will paint the inlet in front of the Main Library.
  • Tyla Maiden, an art education major at Radford University, will transform the inlet in front of the post office on Church Avenue.
  • Seven-year-old Aleks Bratic and his mother, Kim, collaborated on designing “Squidding Me,” which Kim will paint on a location near the Williamson Road. Library.

Artists will be supplied with all materials and receive a $400 honorarium for their work from the Stormwater Division. The goal is to have all the inlet art works completed by Earth Day, Sunday, April 22.

For further information contact Susan Jennings, Arts and Culture Coordinator at 540-853-5652 or [email protected]. or Dwayne D’Ardenne at dwayne.d’[email protected] or 540-853-5900.

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