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Bill Turner

Well, here we are. The first column of the New Year. And, very presidential in every aspect.

On January 30th, President Donald Trump will give his first State of the Union Address. Held annually, except in the first year of a new president’s term, the message is presented to a joint session of the U.S. Congress, giving information on the economic report of the nation. Since Woodrow Wilson’s 1913 address, there have been a total of 82 in-person addresses. Yes, you always learn something in this column.

Not to be outdone, on January 12th, The Chief will give our “State of the Star Address.” While the boys in D.C. always do their speech at the Capitol, we’ve moved ours around in the last decade from noteworthy residences to fancy restaurants. This year we’ll convene for the third time at The Regency Room inside Hotel Roanoke. The D.C. gang starts at 9pm, but we’ll start earlier, still giving the TV people plenty of time to get their cameras set up and The Chief a quick stop by the makeup department.

While the D.C. version usually drags on for an hour or more, The Chief gets right to the point, especially on upcoming bonus and incentive plans. That brevity typically allows our staff to get back to their salads and peanut soup in what the French would say, “tout de suite.” I’m encouraging every Star writer to do like the bigwigs, and break into spontaneous applause every 20 seconds or so, once The Chief begins his talk.

Now, to our regular feature of honoring players from the “Big-11” that received VHSL All-State recognition in volleyball and football, as well as VISAA All-State football honors. Congratulations to all.

Class 3 All-State Volleyball:

First Team All-State- Miette Veldman, Lara Veldmen and Jordyn Kepler (Lord Botetourt)

Lexi Alexander, Marley Willard (Hidden Valley)

Miette Veldman: Class 3 Player of the Year (Lord Botetourt)

Julie Conner: Class 3 Coach of the Year (Lord Botetourt)

Second Team All-State-  Kenleigh Gunter (Lord Botetourt), Erin Hetherington (Northside)

Class 2 All-State Football:

First Team All-State Defense- Maxx Philpott D-lineman, Josh Clifford D-back (Glenvar)

First Team All-State Offense- John Shaffer O-lineman, Jack Leonard running back (Glenvar)

Second Team All-State Defense- Hunter Stanley D-end, Colby Street linebacker, Hunter Phlegar D-all purpose  (Glenvar)

Second Team All-State Offense- Maxx Philpott O-lineman (Glenvar)

Class 3 All-State Football:

First Team All-State Defense- Noah Overstreet D-lineman, Dylan McLachlan Punt returner (Lord Botetourt)

Noah Overstreet:Defensive Player of the Year

First Team All-State Offense- Jesse Hanson O-lineman  (Lord Botetourt)

Second Team All-State Defense- Carlton Emerson linebacker, Jake Dewease D-back  (Lord Botetourt)

Second Team All-State Offense- Hunter Rice running back, Trey Rice kicker (Lord Botetourt)

Class 4 All-State Football:

First Team All-State Defense- Joseph Quinn D-back, Nick Wade D-back  (Salem)

First Team All-State Offense- De’Angelo Ramsey running back, Viante Tucker wide receiver (Salem)

Second Team All-State Offense- Thomas Ferrell O-lineman, Nate Croft kicker (Salem)

Steven Magenbauer:Class 4 Coach of the Year (Salem)

VISAA Division II First Team All-State Offense- Tyler Slash wide receiver, Bennett Dorton O-lineman (North Cross)

First Team All-State Defense- Dakoda Rose linebacker, Nariq Bailey D-back (North Cross)

Second Team All-State Offense- ZaeWuan Baines wide receiver, Tiger Xu O-lineman (North Cross)

Second Team All-State Defense- Jordan Hooker D-lineman, ZaeWuan Baines D-back (North Cross)

VISAA Division III First Team All-State Offense- Mykah English running back, Alex Vaught tight end, James Carpenter O-lineman (Roanoke Catholic)

First-Team All-State Defense- James Carpenter D-lineman, Jacob Elliott linebacker (Roanoke Catholic)

Mykah English: Division III Player of the Year (Roanoke Catholic)

Bob Price: Division III Coach of the Year (Roanoke Catholic)

Second Team All-State Offense- Kawuan Ray running back, Hampton Bender punter  (Roanoke Catholic)

Second Team All-State Defense- Kawuan Ray D-lineman, Alex Vaught linebacker  (Roanoke Catholic)

Next, a little housekeeping with the Roanoke Valley Sports Club and their Monday, January 15th meeting at the Salem Civic Center. On tap will be “Media Night” where insights, opinions and stories about area teams highlight the evening as delivered by local print and television sports experts. The festivities begin at 5:45. Contact Maggie Drewry at 540-353-1103 for reservations.

Until next time, I’m heading out to prepare for “The State of the Star Address.” Anyone know where you can buy a recording of “Hail to The Chief”?

Bill Turner

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