Former Delegate Contender Djuna Osborne Back In The Arena Again

Vanquished in last November’s general election by Republican incumbent Chris Head in the election for the House of Delegates in the 17th District, Djuna Osborne did not fade away. Instead Osborne, introduced by 11th District delegate Sam Rasoul, will seek the Democratic Party’s blessing to run for Roanoke City Council. Rasoul called Osborne’s candidacy part of a rebuilding process for the local Democrat party before bringing Osborne to the Raleigh Court Library podium (in her family’s neighborhood) to speak.

Osborne said she was “proud” of the economic development endeavors that have been undertaken by Roanoke City Council over the past few years and plans for future projects, adding that she wanted to bring a “fresh vision” to the mix. Schools that still struggle in “many parts of the city” is also an issue for Osborne, who wants to make sure that all of Roanoke’s public schools have the same opportunities to achieve excellence, and to be free of violence and bullying. “We have to start with children first.”

Osborne also said that better access to public transportation in parts of the city where it is most critical – northwest and southeast – is on her radar as well, should she secure a Democratic nomination and then be elected to Council in May. Making “tough decisions” like a recent move to consolidate another voting precinct, making it easier for some to get to the polls, were actions that Osborne said were “exciting to me. Weighing the pros and cons, the options. Often there is no perfect solution.”

A social worker by trade, Osborne said she had many supporters who were not in her district when she ran for the House of Delegates last fall; now some of them have a chance to vote for her if she is on the ballot – perhaps voting first if the Democrats decide to hold a primary, depending on how many candidates declare a run. “It will be exciting to see who actually does turn out, what the numbers look like. I’m just thankful for all of the people that have stuck with me.”

Gene Marrano


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