Regional Foster Care Placement Agency Hires Roanoke Firm to Close Critical Gap

DePaul Community Resources has partnered with B2C Enterprises to assist with its need to identify 60 new foster families in the Western, Central, and Southwestern regions of Virginia. The full-service agency has been hired to create and implement marketing, public relations, and advertising campaigns to effectively address Virginia’s mounting foster care crisis.

“After recognizing our critical need, we decided our best strategy was to align with a firm that can provide the tools to help us communicate more effectively,” said Jamie Snead, Vice President of Advocacy. “We need strong messaging that will resonate with our team, the families we serve who love to tell others about their involvement with DePaul, and the community in general.”

B2C Enterprises works with the Cave Spring Volunteer Firefighters, Virginia’s Veterans Parade, and Help Save The Next Girl, along with other regional nonprofit organizations, to help them cultivate and share their message to better accomplish their mission.

“This is exactly the type of work we love to do,” said Bruce C. Bryan, Founder and President of B2C Enterprises. “DePaul Community Resources connects children who need homes with foster families who have a passion for caring for others and a willingness to step in – even in difficult circumstances. We believe this is the perfect place for marketing and advertising. It is our intent to provide solid communications resources to this amazing organization and the loving families they represent.”

“It’s going to be exciting,” Bryan said. “We are looking forward to celebrating the success as DePaul locates and on-boards these amazing families. It’s really the power of marketing put to such good use.”

DePaul Community Resources is a nonprofit organization established 40 years ago to ensure safety, promote permanency, and improve the quality of life for those in the foster care system. For more information about DePaul, visit or contact the main office in Roanoke at 540.265.8923.

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