Commentary: We Must Elect Ed Gillespie for Governor.

November 7 marks a pivotal moment in Virginia History. We must elect Ed Gillespie for Governor.

Gillespie has run a serious policy driven campaign focused on putting forth real solutions to issues Virginians face.

Virginians need jobs, good schools, safe neighborhoods, and access to affordable health care. With our abundant natural resources, we should have a robust tourism and outdoor recreation industry. These needs are urgent and critical in our region.

Virginia, especially Southwest Virginia, has fallen behind in economic growth. Gillespie’s 10% tax cut for all Virginians will allow you to keep more of your hard earned money. Small businesses—taxed at the individual rate—will be able to start, grow and stay in Virginia—creating jobs.

The son of an immigrant, Ed understands the importance of education in his life and wants every student to benefit from the same opportunity. Every child, in every community, deserves access to high quality, safe and student focused public education. He will work to tailor college education and workforce training to our emerging economic needs.

Gillespie’s plan to keep Virginians safe has earned him the endorsement of the majority of Sheriffs, the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Benevolent Association.
Ed also has a comprehensive and very compassionate plan for Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery.

You and I know Southwest Virginia has unique and serious needs.

Go to, click on “Issues.” Read his plan specifically for Southwest Virginia: “Yes, for Southwest Virginia!” This is the thorough and thoughtful approach you should expect from our next Governor and it is in stark contrast to his opponent Ralph Northam, who attended none (not one!) of the meetings of the Center for Rural Virginia on which he “serves” as Lieutenant Governor.

I have watched Ed and his wife Cathy campaign full time this year. Their love and devotion to Virginia is evident as they meet with and listen to all Virginians across our Commonwealth.

Please spend some time comparing and contrasting the thought put in to the policies on both candidate’s websites.

It will be clear Ed Gillespie is the right choice, the wise choice, for Virginia Governor.

Nancy Dye

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