JOY SYLVESTER-JOHNSON: Out of The Mouths of “Babes . . .”

Joy Sylvester Johnson

Some grandmothers are all about babies.

Not me.

It’s when they start talking they have the ability to reel me in.

Last week Peter said he “predicted” I would like the story he was about to tell me. I repeated the word “predicted” to myself, thinking it was yet another new word for this five-year-old.

He, thinking I did not understand the word, said, “It’s like when you have some evidence and you aren’t totally sure, but you think something is going to be true in the future.”

And then, when I remained silent, he said, “It’s odd you don’t know that word grandma.”

When I didn’t correct his assumption, he continued, “I find that amusing.”

As I kept driving and listening, it seemed as if a 90-year-old man was being channeled through his little voice.

I found that amusing.

Tonight Annlee told me that some weeds with little purple flowers near the entrance to their house, should never be brought into the house because they attracted snakes. I asked her how she came to this conclusion and she said her friend Amy had told her.

“Perhaps we should look it up and verify it.” “chimed in Emy(13), who never misses an opportunity for an educational moment.

Annalee took this response as a challenge to her friend Amy’s veracity. With a tremble in her voice and tears starting to well up in her eyes she said, “Amy would never lie.”

“All people lie,” I thought to myself, but it’s good that you’re loyal to your friend.

Jillian(9) was really too old for the sticker she was given at the bank, but because Annalee wanted it, she was determined to keep it. Annalee begged and Jillian decided to add insult to injury and take Annales sticker as well.

Emy who had been left in charge of the backseat took her cue. With Jillian in a headlock, she refused to let go until both stickers were given to Annalee.

All the while, I kept driving and watching the detente unfolding in the rearview mirror.

Eli (13) who was riding shotgun, wearing a black brimmed hat that made him look like a character actor from another time, wisely remained mute.

The backseat is another dimension.

What happens there stays there.

Joy Sylvester-Johnson

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