Business Advice in New Book Includes Those Aha! Moments

Jonathan Hagmaier spent almost 10 years building his Interactive Achievement company from the ground up in Roanoke, developing educational tools like teacher assessment software. Then he cashed out by selling it to a California based concern. He’s now a venture capitalist and involved with mentoring others at venues like the new RAMP incubator on South Jefferson Street.

He has also decided to share some of what he has learned over the years in a new book co-written with William Long, entitled “AHA! To All In: Life Lessons from an Unexpected Entrepreneur.” Hagmaier said he had “a lot of people asking me for help, for advice and I decided it would be easier if I put a book together that dealt with all of the successes and hardships, scaling – all the things that come with business.”

Hagmaier said he was “blessed” early on with great coaches and mentors, and looks at AHA! as one way to pass on the wisdom he obtained to others – and what he learned along his own journey. “Not only avoiding pitfalls,” he says, “but when you are in the pit – how do you get out of it? And when you are being successful how do you expand it?”

He calls it an “easy read” with a reflection at the end of each chapter – the Aha! and All In moments Hagmaier calls that. He also sees current business owners looking to reach the next rung as target market for the book (available online at Amazon) and says business classes could benefit from it as well.  “There’s probably two chapters that would fit most anyone, even from a relationship standpoint.”

Hagmaier has also been speaking to technology councils, chamber meetings and other venues where he can relate his Interactive Achievement team’s success story – and the path to get there – to others looking for the same payoff. Now he’s written a how-to guide to perhaps make that journey a bit smoother for others.

Gene Marrano

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