Roanoke’s West End Neighborhood Continues To Be Revitalized

Restoration Housing’s next project is located at 1018 Patterson Avenue.

Nonprofit “Restoration Housing” begins a full renovation to another neglected house.

Restoration Housing has announced that they are beginning the historic restoration of their second house, a long-neglected turn-of-the-century home on Patterson Avenue.

The organization held their “Restoration Kick-Off” recently to celebrate the commencement of construction with a crowd of supporters and members of Roanoke City’s Economic Development Department.

The West End area has consistently seen more positive investments from both the public and private sector since the years following its status as a city target area for revitalization.

In addition to Restoration Housing’s project, there are three Habitat for Humanity houses, a recent development by the Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority, and a new nonprofit “Making Mart” all along the same corridor of 10th Street and Patterson Avenue, which was previously characterized by multiple vacant parcels and blighted homes for several decades.

“This project represents how the preservation of existing, historic buildings can result in a healthier and more sustainable neighborhood that can benefit the entire city” said Restoration Housing Executive Director Isabel Thornton.

Purchased by Restoration Housing last year, this project will be the second rehabilitation overhaul for the nonprofit organization, which began in 2014. Their first project on Day Avenue was completed earlier this year and is now fully rented.

Roanoke contractor Square 1, which also completed the Day Avenue project, will perform the renovation. Each project of the organization feature’s high quality features such as original hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and all new appliances.

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