A Reverent Racoon

Star contributing Photographer Terry Aldhizer snapped this picture of what appears to be a very prayerful raccoon in a tree along the greenway in Southwest Roanoke.

We can’t be sure what he’s praying about but he may just be giving thanks that the rain has finally stopped. The Roanoke Valley received almost 6 inches of rain in April (normally 3.3) and over EIGHT inches of rain in May (normally 4) to give a total late Spring surplus of 6.7 inches of rainfall. Some other areas in Southwest Virginia received another several inches on top of that to produce one of the wettest Springs on record.

The result? Well, a bumper crop of hay for farmers and healthy flowers abounding throughout the valley like these pretty purple Irises next to the Mill Mountain Star that were also captured by Terrry Aldhizer. Like a copy of these or any other of her remarkable “hometown” photos? Go to terryaldhizer.com.

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