Copper Hill (3)This is a strange request from across the pond, but I’m wondering if any of your readers can help. About thirty years ago I visited Virginia and in particular the Roanoke area. As I explored I came across an area called Copper Hill, and found a little cottage on the side of a hill. It had white boards and a huge chimney at the side. It was completely deserted and at the rear were three mounds that looked like little graves. I was intrigued by the cottage and, as a writer, I made lots of notes and wrote a short story about the cottage and what I thought might be behind its history, and what the graves might be. The cottage seemed sad to me, lonely and neglected, and I have always wondered what might have happened there and why it was deserted. Last year when I moved I came across the story in a drawer, and developed it into novel which was published in June on amazon as an ebook as Curse of the Dogwood. My reason for contacting you is to inquire whether any of your readers might recognize the description of the cottage. I would love to know if it is still standing and most of all that it is loved.I can be contacted through my website www.finchlark.webs.com

Jane Finch / England