Holiday Tournament 20-Point Club

Hidden Valley’s Dylan Hodson, seen here in a first-round game, had a 40-point night in the final round of the Holiday Hoopla.

Four high school basketball tournaments played out Thursday through Saturday last week in the Roanoke Valley.

On the boys side, the Holiday Hoopla, won by Patrick Henry, was held at the Salem Civic Center and the Northside Invitational Tournament, won by Franklin County, took place at the Viking gym.

In girls basketball, the Knights Holiday Classic hit the hardwood at the Cave Spring gym, with the Big Blue 2 Classic taking center stage at William Fleming in round-robin formats.

Here’s a look at the 20-point-game performers from our ‘Big-11’ schools

Dylan Hodson (Hidden Valley)- 40 points vs. Alleghany in the Holiday Hoopla.

Marcus Banks (Patrick Henry)- 29 points vs Cave Spring and 26 points vs Broadway in the Holiday Hoopla.

Justin Goode (Lord Botetourt)- 27 points vs E.C. Glass and 20 points vs Liberty in the Northside Invitational.

Zac Hill (William Byrd)- 21 points vs Franklin County in the Northside Invitational.

Rajae Anderson (William Fleming)- 24 points vs Salem and 21 points vs Herndon in the Big Blue 2.

Tay Taylor (Salem)- 22 points vs Trinity Christian in the Big Blue 2 Classic.

Tessa Foley (Salem)- 20 points vs Trinity Christian in the Big Blue 2 Classic.

Kelsi Bailey (Hidden Valley)- 23 points vs Northside and 20 points vs Brookville in Knights Holiday Classic.

BILL TURNER story/photo

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